About us

Alca Zagreb d.o.o. is a private owned company founded in 1990 with headquarters in Zagreb. Founders of Alca Zagreb d.o.o. are the owners of “Alca-Med” Gmbh, headquartered in Klagenfurt, which has a 40 year long tradition of business, in Austria and throughout Europe.

The headquarters of Alca Zagreb d.o.o. is in Zagreb. Company distributes consumer goods of the world’s famous brands through the central logistics warehouse in Sveta Helena and regional warehouses in Kukuzovac (Sinj) and Pleternica (Slavonia).

One of the company’s basic strategic goals is to constantly reinvest the company’s profits, and to have the constant growth of assets that ensures stable business opportunities and sustainable growth and development.

Alca Zagreb’s focus is to constantly develop and improve the quality of service to its business partners, as well as individual access to each partner.


We strongly believe that our success is based on the unique advantages we offer to our partners. Knowledge of the entire Supply Chain, know-how and experience in three business segments provide added value to our customers, regardless of the range of services we provide. In this way, we recognize the problems of our clients and speak in a common language.

Our business partners are major global companies with their brands.

We provide sales, logistics and financial risk management, to the extent tailored according to the wishes and needs of our partners. In Croatia, we supply the goods of our partners to more than 12,000 retail outlets from large supermarkets to kiosks on the islands.


Individual approach to each client’s needs

Our service is always tailored to the individual specifications and needs of each business partner, and our knowledge of all supply chain elements gives us the ability to define the optimal range of services for all our present and future partners.

Partner relationship and positive approach

We work closely with our business partners and encourage active exchange of information and ideas to ensure the consistency of the results and expectations of both parties. Our guideline is always to make a step more than what is expected. We believe that human and direct contact, with a positive approach to all business elements, is a basic recipe for success.

Do you want to work in a team of professionals and participate in a dynamic environment?
As a member of our team you will have the opportunity to participate in the development of our business and to professionally advance.
Send us your resume and motivation letter to the attached link and be informed about the vacancies at: posao@alca.eu